Ambassadors Notes

16 Jan 2017

The Nueva School gets it!

Lee Holtzman, upper school history of science teacher and alum of The Nueva School shared the following about her experiences with our animal ambassadors: “We all interact so little with nature these days, and these moments of contact with the wild both centers us and shows us why we need to preserve nature. Students held baby alligators with a sense of sanctity, and watched with...

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Something special in the AAir
20 Oct 2015

Something special in the AAir

Did you know that our animal ambassadors often have their own seat on the plane? A big thank you to American Airlines for inviting us to partner with them at the Inc. 500 conference!

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08 Oct 2015

Exciting lives!

Our animal ambassadors live pretty exciting lives. Traveling all around the US connecting people with wildlife and inspiring them to protect our world.