Our volunteer team consists of dedicated individuals of all ages who participate in animal care, fundraising, and conservation education programs.

We are often asked “how can I help conserve wildlife?” Our answer is “get involved!” Our 200+ animal ambassadors play the most important role in conservation by creating passion for wildlife and wild places. We offer a variety of opportunities at the sanctuary from animal husbandry and habitat construction to outreach and special events. We frequently work with individuals of all ages (students, professionals, retirees, etc.) with biology, animal science, psychology, education, communication, and landscape architecture backgrounds – to name a few. Does that mean you must have experience in one of those fields to volunteer with us? Absolutely not! At Conservation Ambassadors we are dedicated to wildlife and conservation education – which includes training our volunteer team. Orientations and training sessions are offered on a regular basis. Email us today and come be a part of our family of volunteers.

Volunteer Spotlight

We would like to recognize the following individuals for their incredible dedication to helping us fulfill our mission at Conservation Ambassadors. From the basics of daily care to the planning of events and fundraising, thank you for your hours of service. We can’t do it without you!

“I first visited the zoo out of curiosity in summer of 2014, and after meeting the animal ambassadors living there I was inspired to help in any way I could. As a volunteer I would spend my time doing all sorts of tasks at the zoo, from scooping poop to shoveling dirt to doing laundry to scooping more poop. If you ever find yourself standing around wondering why you are so bored and where it all went wrong, then you are not at Conservation Ambassadors, you are somewhere else, because there is always, always work to be done at the zoo. I was kept very busy busting my backside for the sake of the animals living here, and I absolutely loved it. After volunteering for a little under a year I was hired as a relief keeper.  Since then I have had an incredible experience as part of the keeper staff, being trained as both an animal caretaker and animal trainer. There is no motivation quite like knowing your efforts are critical to the wellbeing of so many animals, and no reward like the friendship and trust of those you are taking care of. Not to mention the people at Conservation Ambassadors, who are all so passionate in what they do, and quite friendly. It’s come to the point where I have difficulty staying away from the zoo for very long.”
– Mason, 2015

Conservation Ambassadors Docents

Docents are those volunteers who have completed all tiers of our animal husbandry and keeper training as well as a public speaking workshop. They now help represent Conservation Ambassadors in our outreach programs.

Scott and Su

Janet and Tom



Dolores and Al