Lemurs, Kangaroos, Otters and their Extraordinary Friends – Private Encounter

$600 for two guests

$150 for every additional guest

Otter Encounter
Little Girl Feeding Baby Wallaby
Wesley the Capybara, Route the Capuchin, and friends


Our rescue zoo is not open to the public, so we offer private animal encounters, giving you the opportunity to meet many extraordinary animals up close and personal.

Your wildlife adventure includes a mini-train ride to our outback habitat where you’ll be surrounded by kangaroos.

You’ll be entertained by the nonstop antics of Tucker and Ollie, our North American river otters who love to play.

During your 2 hour experience, you’ll also meet some of our other extraordinary animal ambassadors, like the capybara (the largest rodent in the world), the lemur (the most well known animal on the island of Madagascar), a monkey, owl, eagles, fascinating reptiles, and many others, and share moments with them that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Visit our basecamp where you can enjoy complementary adult beverages, soda, juice, coffee and snacks. 

Every animal encounter is customized and private.
*All ages are welcome.
*Two person minimum for encounters.

Little Girl with Kangaroos
Kangaroo and Monkey Banana Encounter

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