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NEW: “GOOD TO THE LAST DROP” Water conservation

Water is the number one conservation issue in the world today. This brand new program creates a passion for a lifetime of responsible water use by focusing on how this essential resource affects wildlife and the resulting impact on us.

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Myth Busting!

Have you ever wondered if a porcupine can shoot its quills? Can frogs give you warts if you touch them? Can owls turn their heads all the way around? Do opossums really hang by their tails? You’ll learn the answers to these questions and more in this fun and exciting program that dispels fact from fiction.

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Students will be able to distinguish between what it means for an animal to be threatened, endangered, or extinct. They will meet species that are currently endangered as well as animals that have successfully come back from the brink of extinction.

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Where Animals Call Home

Take an imaginary field trip around the world to discover the habitats where animals call home. Students will learn about the niche that animals fulfill in their environments and how they survive in an ever-changing world.

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Amazing Animal Adaptations

From camouflage to prehensile tails, adaptations are essential for animals and humans to survive. The physical and behavioral characteristics of these amazing animal ambassadors are highlighted in this engaging program.

This program is often booked in conjunction with Where Animals Call Home for multiple assemblies.

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Wild America

Some of the most amazing animals in the world are found right here in our own backyard. Meet animals found throughout in the USA from sea to shining sea. Learn about their significance to Native Americans and the impact they still have on all of us.

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Wild Extremes, LIVE!

Everyone has the potential for greatness. Student and teacher volunteers get involved in a test of skills as they compare the animals’ abilities to their own and count down to the most extreme.

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Under the Canopy

Discover the single-most important ecosystem on earth. Students will learn about the resources we rely on that are found in the rainforests of the world, and take a journey through the layers to meet the animals that keep the rainforests alive.

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Slimy, pokey, and scaly, these often misunderstood members of the animal kingdom may not be the teachers’ favorites but students will learn just how important these unhuggable animals are to our planet.

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Cloud Dancers

Owls, hawks, and eagles – oh my! This program features many of our hunters of the sky. Learn the differences between them and their importance to our ecosystems. Raptors are some of the most majestic and noble animals on earth. Let’s fly!

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Desert Magic

Watch the desert come alive in this thought provoking and entertaining look at the animals that survive and thrive in the harshest of climates.

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Fur, Feathers, and Scales

Our younger learners get an exciting introduction to the differences between reptiles, birds, and mammals. This interactive program highlights the importance of all animals whether they’re covered in fur, feathers, or scales. Best for preschool to kinder groups.

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Customize your program or special event to fit your specific curriculum or occasion.

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